What better way to bring rooms and floor plans to life than with isometric illustrations?
As part of a full redesign, I created a series of illustrations for use across CityStore's new website.
For each of the company's three store locations, modern character scenes were designed to give a lifestyle feel to the brand new site, along with 24 bespoke storage unit rooms designed for use within the booking process which gives customers a much better idea of the unit sizes available. Each room was filled with a large number of separate illustration items to help give variety between them, and every space was painstakingly created with scale in mind.
I love working on illustration projects like these - especially isometric - and it stands to remain a great way of incorporating a modern and on-trend look to your brand, be it online or off.
Homepage for Aylesbury location
Moving day illustration scene
Optimised for desktop and mobile
Isometric room illustrations of every unit size available, with items to scale

Other projects

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